How Can Hackers Re-Attack Your Network?

No business is safe from attacks, viruses, malware & breaches. Hackers & cyber criminals find ways to breach into system even if there is tiny bit option of entering into the network system.


Vulnerability to attacks:

In the field of cyber world, no firm is safe from attacks, viruses, hacks, malware and breaches. Hackers and cyber-criminals find ways to breach into your system even if there is tiny bit option of entering into the network system. Whether you are a small firm or a big enterprise, the threats are always there.

Failure is not a full failure for hackers:

Always remember even if they fail for the first time it is not considered a complete failure. In fact the next time they will attack with more vengeance and in a more forceful way because they got the idea of your infrastructure and how it works in the first attempt. Hackers are always alert to an opening and a weak point in your security system.

Reconstitution of the old arsenal:

According to professional cyber security UK-experts, successful hackers never up they always come up with new and advanced ways to intrigue you. Hackers reconstitute the old arsenal for further more effective and lethal attacks. They are still on the look for a weak point on your end to gain access in your system to damage your data or acquire essential and sensitive information from your system.

Latest malware Shamoon:

Shamoon also known as W32.Disttrack is the most recent malware that attacked some of the famous petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia. Although, it has got nothing to do to with anything in the United Kingdom hopefully, but it was important to mention it here because of one main reason.

The reappearance of Shamoon:

Shamoon is the best example of a malware that has reconstituted the old arsenal. Its hackers attacked using Shamoon in 2012 in Saudi Arabia and in November 2016. But Shamoon 2 as it is named for its reappearance in 2017.

How it operates:

It was mainly considered to be more dangerous in 2017 as it sweeps away all the data from the hard disks with nothing left in the hard drive. Not even a bit. Shamoon takes the booting system of the computer under its control, and the PCs are unable to boot again. It left thousands of computers in the KSA nonoperative more than 35000 to be precise.

Need to safeguard networks in the United Kingdom:

As the United Kingdom is a much more advanced country, so its dependability on computer resources is also more. Coupling it with the latest downwards trend in assessing online risks of cyber security in the country have fallen more than 14%, demands higher and up to date steps to be taken to make sure all the information and data are safe.

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