Firewall And Firewall Migration – Necessary Security Aspects

Network security is crucial in this era when the cyber-crimes are increasing rapidly with the passage of every single day. They are becoming a major threat to the organizations that are working online and relying on the internet. Such businesses are a real feast for them; they are attacked and penalized very often in case if they don’t have a proper security structure that could save them from such severe vulnerable attacks.


If you want a complete and excellent protection system for your network, then the firewall is something awesome for that reason. It helps your network remain safe from the vulnerable attacks via the internet. It does take care of all the activities happening within your network. The inbound and outbound activities coming from your network are monitored throughout for any suspicious activity.

In case if there is something suspicious happening around, the firewall detects it and blocks it right away. This is the best part one could say because your network firewall can detect the vulnerable stuff and block it to keep you safe from major after effects. So, one must have such a mechanism to ensure safety from the attacks of modern-day vulnerabilities.

Firewall Migration

The vulnerable attacks don’t remain the same forever; the intensity and approach of such threats do change with the passage of time. In that case, the firewall migration becomes a really necessary process. This is how you improve the performance of your particular firewall by updating it. Every migration takes place to enhance the tools and software systems of a particular firewall. That’s why you can’t neglect that part either.

If you are not going to take the firewall migration seriously, then it can certainly make you pay in the long run. As soon and as much as the cyber threats get intensified, as a company, you are supposed to take necessary steps as well to make your network capable of blocking those vulnerable attacks in a better way. Otherwise, you would need to face the worst consequences of negligence.

Safe Firewall Migration

It’s not the matter of migrating your firewall, in reality, it is about safely migrating it without leaving any weaknesses around. If you are attempting firewall migration but you are not doing it appropriately then there is no benefit of even attempting.

Let’s discuss in detail about how you can safely migrate your firewall?

Hiring Professional Staff

You need to ensure that the staff that’s taking part in the migration process is well-trained and knows the right procedure for it. Even if you have hired the services of a 3rd party service provider, in that case as well; the staff and resources are supposed to be highly skilled.

Audit Configuration

There is no need to build your configuration from scratch. The Audit configuration is there to help you with that. Analyze the unused addresses and services; analyze the current role and security base as well to determine the current policies that are in use to remove the previous and unused ones.

Composing Acceptance Test

Performing an acceptance test is also really necessary. You can do it to know that post firewall setup is working fine and perfectly. This certainly is the most necessary step whatsoever, to ensure that migration process has happened correctly.

Defining Rollback Procedure

What if you are tired of performing the migration process and you have to stop now to take rest? What would you do ensure that firewall migration couldn’t get harmed, even your network remains safe from the vulnerable attacks during that phase?

Defining a rollback procedure could help you significantly in this particular regard. As if you stop your migration process you can roll over the previous system to keep network safe from vulnerable attacks.

Final Lines

A firewall is the necessity of every network in this era because the cyber-attacks had increased a lot over last decade. If an organization doesn’t take care of its network security and neglects the importance of proper firewall, then it would have to bear with some worse consequences. Apart from the firewall, its migration is also necessary to make your security mechanism even stronger to deal with the even intense cyber-attacks.

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Firewall Migration – Advanced Professional Services

There is an urgent need to identify how seamlessly the future security requirements can be integrated. The extension of the right set of methodology can accrue better assimilation of variables that determine the value of the security. The experts can derive the best possible way to manage the security challenges that would be confronted in future. The ways to enhance the competency of the network security can be designed by firewall migration.

Firewall Migration - Advanced Professional Services

How To Successfully Migrate Your Firewall?

The migration of your firewall is really important to ensure keeping your business network safe from every type of threats and vulnerabilities. The threats and vulnerabilities most of the time use to attack your business network when you don’t have an adequate and proper solution in shape of a firewall.

They use to find the weak link and opening to make their way in to your network and starts infecting your business activities, which bring drastic results for your business. That’s why, it is really important to accept firewall migration as a solution, which is a way to update your firewall for better protection.

Hiring the Professional Staff:

If you are using your own firewall management system or using it from a 3rd party vendor, in both cases you are required to hire the professional staff who can take care of firewall migration in a better way. It’s always the professional’s job to get this migration done successfully.

Audit Configuration:

What is the requirement of your connectivity? That’s something which is defined by the migration of firewall. There is no need to get the configuration built from scratch for this purpose. For migration purposes you can simply remove those addresses, services, objects and networks which aren’t in use.

Configuration Translation:

By making the use of the new firewall, the current configuration syntax of your firewall is required to be re-written. How much time it could take and how do you need to approach it? That’s something you carefully need to take care of before considering any scripts for the migration.

The Acceptance Tests:

After the configurations, you need to test the system, if the syntax and the configuration has been successfully accepted by your system or not? The post migration testing is literally really important.

“Lock Out” Period for Changes:

You must lock out your firewall 48 hours before the actual migration takes place. Doing this will ensure that you are doing changes to the new firewall system.

Roll Back Procedure:

If something bad happens or you are tired yet not able to work further on the firewall migration, then you must have the ability to roll back to the previous firewall configurations to let things running well.

Testing and Management:

Once the firewall is successfully migrated you must test it completely to ensure that everything is working and running well. After that it’s really necessary for you to do proper firewall management throughout so any mishaps could be avoided.

Main Strategies And Key Features To Consider In The Migration Of Firewall

Hectic process:-

Migration and changing of packet filter has always been a hectic, tedious and time taking process. A successful migrating of packet filter has to have full visibility of network on the whole surface of attack. A constant monitoring is also required so that the vulnerabilities and policy violations which are introduced through configuration of settings and risky changes can also be checked.

Firewall Migration

Main strategies:-

There are 6 key strategies that can be implemented to reduce any risks involved and also make things easier for migrating to next generation of packet filters. These are as follows

  1. Normalization of all the data across packet filter types, providers and network devices
  2. Examination of packet filter for full visibility of network
  3. To optimize performance and security always cleanup the sets of rules
  4. For any kind of risk analysis conduct “what if” analysis
  5. Always go for more advanced features for the prevention of attacks
  6. Automation of packet filter management

For a successful firewall migration these six steps need to be learnt and implemented to make sure no risky changes need to be made or network configurations.

Features to look for when considering packet filter for enterprise:-

Here are few things that need to be looked upon when going for the next packet filter for the enterprise.

Firewall Migration

Keeping in mind continuous evolving of threat scenarios there is an essential need to move beyond the conventional model for packet filters and revisiting of security parameters is also necessary.

Keeping in mind all the threats:-

A large number of threats arise from the application based on web and services that penetrate the corporate networks. This clearly enforces the enterprises to consider all kinds of threats whether known or unknown in the selection of security platform for the enterprises network.

Blockage of emerging threats:-

The pace of deploying packet filters by service providers and enterprises is increasing to take the applications in control and also block all kind of emerging threats. Next generation packet filters are designed to by focusing on the needs of the enterprises, which include some advanced features like

  • Application level inspection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Granular policy control

When the stage of selecting a packet filter comes for the security of the enterprise’s system lot of times IT professionals struggle in right integration of granular security functions. This compromises the efficient working and effectiveness of the firewall migration. The continuity should be kept in learning key features which can be effective in choosing a packet filter for an enterprise in the modern times.