Why Public Hospitals Need SOC

Cybersecurity is not just limited to financial organisations or business corporations but equally crucial for healthcare institutions. Recent news reports show a disappointing scenario of the hospital hacking using ransomware which stops the medical staff to access important information of their patients and appointment schedules. Not only this, medical devices including X-ray, CT scan, PET, are hacked for money.

Do you think that cybercriminal is going to release the data repositories and machine in return of $500-1000? They ask much more than that! However, it is not all about money but any malicious activity on the part of negative minds to compromise medical care equipment can have grave implications for human lives.

Therefore, it is imperative to deploy effective cybersecurity to protect critical information related to patients and the infrastructure of hospitals. It is the reason that many developed countries are focusing more on securing their hospitals by deploying London SOC services. No doubt, security operations centre for hospitals can reply for the safety of critical infrastructural information.

security operations centre (SOC) for Hospitals

The Importance Of Security Operations Centre (SOC) For Healthcare Institutions

The 21st century is termed as the era of information owing to increased digitalisation. As a response, more and more institutions health care centres have been transforming their patient record manuals to online hospital management systems.

Not only this, advancement in technology has a significant impact on health care instruments. The important fact to note is that a little attention is paid to secure the systems in hospitals.

Shocking, data attack in health care institutions are increasing rapidly because it’s an easy target. No one could ever think that one day people will become money hungry to this extent that critical medical equipment will be hacked. However, it’s the reality now!

It is evident from a mega information breach in the year 2014 when million people of America suffered considerably. The Community Health Systems which incorporate the data of around two-hundred hospitals, faced server theft compromising approximately 4.5 million records of patients.

Health Care Centers Must Be Secured

It’s clear that there is no escape without deploying comprehensive cybersecurity. It’s because the modern information systems are not only holding the legacy of ease and sophistication but also critical to ensure human life.

Nevertheless, it has become imperative to mitigate emerging information threats by acquiring operational and advanced services of London security operations centre (SOC). It’s because without implementing an overall strategy comprising both tangible and intangible resources is decisive for secured medical systems.

Final Thought – Take Away

Summing up, security breaches of the health care institutions are the wake-up calls for all and sundry. One cannot expect what the hackers can do once they get into hospital network grids. Therefore, comprehensive cybersecurity is the last resort which can save the crucial data and critical equipment owned by the medical institutions.

Don’t let the cyber-criminals to monetise their evil intentions on the cost of human lives – it’s time to invest in security operations centre (SOC) to acquire and retain an advanced level of protection for digital assets of health care institutions.

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How Can ELV-Based CCTV Cameras In Correctional Facilities Enhance Surveillance?

Crime has not on the rise, and there are more people in prison than there were a few years ago. The number of people in the correctional facilities is shocking, and they are increasing every day. As per the data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 2.2 million people in the United States are living in prisons. The data is only from the United States; imagine the number for the entire world.

The correctional facilities are becoming overcrowded, and this means the surveillance system needs to be robust. Thanks to advancement in technology which has changed the way correctional facilities are performing their monitoring system.

A number of new incorporations in the level of control over the environment and operations have been added. One such addition which has made its way to the correctional facilities is ELV-based CCTV cameras.

Yes! the ELV-based system has made it easy for authorities to monitor the behavior of the prisoners and administer them remotely. Different services providers across the globe such as ELV system design consultants in Qatar can blueprint the ELV-based CCTVs for your facility based on the requirement of the facility.

When it comes to surveillance in the correctional facilities, then CCTV is the synonyms because it facilitates the documentation of all the incidents and behaviors of inmates.

There are several benefits of employing ELV-based CCTV cameras in the correction facilities. This article has discussed a few of those advantages:

Enhanced coverage:

No matter how many guards and inspectors you have in the correctional facilities, you still cannot keep an eye on all inmates. Most prisons are large and are divided into different area making it difficult to have robust monitoring. Thus with CCTV cameras installed the entire facility can be covered.

Evidence documentation:

Instead of having to figure out something happened or if there are any illegal activities, violence or other activities going on. With CCTV cameras the authority will have visual evidence and proof. This will not create the sense of alert in the inmates but make the operations smooth.

Reduction in assault:

The environment of the prison or any correction facilities are most stressed, and there are high negativity and tension around. This can make people frustrated and violent. With ELV-based CCTV surveillance, the security people will be able to pinpoint the people who are behind any assault.

Maintaining law and order situation:

Correctional facilities are a tense place to be, and there are high chances the whole gang ends up in prison. When people from the same group end up behind the bar, then there will be chances of gang wars and general bullying and violence.

With the help of CCTV cameras, the authorities will be able to closely monitor dining areas, grounds and even the locker rooms for robust security and safety of the inmates.

Concluding remarks:

Crime is not slowing down; so is the advancement in the technology for surveillance purposes. People in correctional facilities need to be monitored closely to avoid any misfortune event.

CCTVs with ELV system is going to be your best bet in this surveillance process. The ELV design consultants in a different area around the globe like Si Consult from the UK are coming up with new ways to improve the scrutiny process.

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Self-Service Kiosks Use ELV System For Improved Productivity

The world has already moved towards smart solutions, but the latest updates indicate the extended use of artificial intelligence (AI). It is because creative products and services are getting higher attention from both, investors and customers!

So, you might be able to experience the next level of automation based on AI. You already have experienced the self-service kiosk by choosing your taste menu and getting the biggest burger of your choice.

ELV system for improved Self-service kiosks

Although, it is an efficient way of catering to the requirements of customers but, the energy consumption is a significant concern for every storekeeper or vendor of energy. It is because of the cost associated to fulfill energy needs. It’s a big problem for the countries already struggling with the energy shortage.

Over the years, the industry of automatic kiosk has matured because vendors have started paying attention to make it more user-friendly and energy savior. So, the use of ELV systems are extending considerably making smart kiosks highly affordable for business people.

It is evident from the fact that many giant food chains in Middle Eastern countries have implemented self-service kiosks by hiring the services of professional ELV design consultant Qatar. The primary reason is that professionals offer not only technical assistance but also understand the vendors’ expectations.

Why Retailer should use Self-Service Kiosks?

Various retailers are using automated kiosks for the efficiency of services. Usually, the facilities are used for payments, bill collection and other related things. The retailers and business people have many reasons for doing so.


Time-Saving services

The first and foremost important reason is the time effectiveness of automatic kiosks. Consequently, the customers need less time to wait for their order to be delivered.  It offers a unique experience eliminating boredom and irritation resulted from standing in lines for their terns.

Improved user experience

Another important factor of using smart kiosks is that it helps to augment the user experience. Selection of menu items is incredibly easy as compared to manual systems.

Nevertheless, the retailers spend considerable resources on training their staff in order to provide people with the pleasing shopping experience. After getting a self-service kiosk, they don’t need to do so, because technology attracts many people automatically.

Workforce productivity

Many people think that having a self-service kiosk means replacement of the employees. It is not true because technology is here to assist the people in doing their work with extended efficiency.

Why ELV system is crucial for self-service Kiosks

Generally speaking, traditional ELV designers consider the implementation of such ELV systems as the part of their standard work as the use of building management systems.

However, it is imperative to understand that modern kiosks designs require comprehensive integration of ELV system in order to perform its operations. For this, you need to get technical services from eminent ELV consultant in Qatar for better complexity management.

Here are some of the benefits of using ELV system:

  • Unified pathways and cabling enable the kiosks to stand as the compact structures. It is essential for effective management of the space required for self-service kiosks.
  • Implementation of ELV system in automatic kiosks eliminates various issues related to the provision of power energy required for proper functioning.
  • Amazingly, the cost required to expand the functionality of automatic kiosks is considerably low owing to the use of extra low-voltage design systems.
  • Further, it offers the ease of troubleshooting because no complex systems are combined, but only one unified design of energy provision and management is used.

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How To Select The Appropriate Level Of SOC For Your Organisation

The latest news of the eminent startup Apollo data breach is roaming around the world.  According to the report, the massive database of approximately 200 million individuals of 10 million corporations has been hacked. It might be possible that the compromised data is not that much sensitive but, the company has to face strict accountability from the European Union under the recent imposition of GDRP.

Similar pieces of news including this have triggered an alarm for other companies. They need to focus on 24/7 monitoring of their communication networks in order to safeguard their organisational data assets. Of course, security operations centres (SOC) can be considered the last resort to all and sundry.

Consider the case scenario:

 You are working as the IT analyst in a multinational company located in the UK having around five thousand employees to handle business at the local market. Suddenly, a meeting is called to red alert the staff regarding potential threats posing severe risks to the digital resources of the company.

The top management suggests acquiring comprehensive services from London SOC. However, the CEO aspires for the best services. Now being responsible for recommending comprehensive solutions, you are required to elaborate the SOC types or levels and select the most appropriate level of SOC service to be implemented across the clock. 

Capabilities of the Security Operations Center

No doubt, it is tempting to hold a calculator and start adding up the money to fulfil security requirements.

However, the most prominent element which can affect the process is the quality measurements. The cost primarily based on the capabilities of the solution to be implemented within the organisation. So, first of all, you need to determine that what efficiency is expected from the intended SOC services.

Considering the essential capabilities and services of the SOC will be helpful. It not only aware you about the requirements and investment but also will help you the cost required to hire third-party service providers.

Let’s consider the four basic SOC facilities:

The basic or elementary SOC

As its name indicates, it is primarily focused to detect anomalies and less useful for in-depth investigations. The data analysts operate the security systems using SIEM which is deployed to maintain data integrity.

Overall, this level of security operation centre helps to detect information hacks using inventive methods. However, there are limitations of flexibility in hunting the complex threats.

The intermediate or mid-level SOC

This level offers extended visibility to the organisations in supervising the anomalies and potential risks. The SOC is considered master in the detection of possible threats in the nooks and crannies of the organisations’ databases.

Besides the necessary level of error detection, SIEM is deployed in combination with EDR and related technologies of network forensics. It is done to ensure advanced detection of the threats.

However, the major limitation, in this case, is the operational reality. It is because the experts spend extended hours monitoring the SOC services and have confused viewpoint. The reason is that on some days, all goes well, but the situation might get worse on the other day.

The advanced or high-level SOC

This level of SOC gives a kind of spare time to the security analysts for other processes. The security of information is maintained in tiers using the SIEM. Various integrity plugs and correlation rules are defined for specialised products depending upon the needs and scope.

By implementing the advanced services of London SOC, the IT professional can fetch data from the communication networks without even leaving the SIEM. This helps to improve the speed and quality of information security.

The learning or applied SOC

Above the advanced SOC, this level is significant in adding value to complex network monitoring and supervision of data accessed through communication links. The infrastructure is built to foster extended analytics and automation.

The responsibility of the IT professional after implementation of such SOC capabilities is to focus on significant human activities while the software does other stuff related to information monitoring.

Therefore, artificial intelligence based security systems are incorporated by customised policies and procedures to detect, analyse and investigate potential threats and anomalies.

Picking the right flavour for you

After considering all the mentioned types, levels or services of SOC, the question is still there. What is the SOC service suitable for your organisation?

However, it is not all about getting allured by the facilitation offered by each level of the security to make it a big pick. But, organisations make their decisions based on the cost incurred by every level to be implemented fully.

Further, the accessibility of human resource is a major consideration; you will have to make while selecting the most appropriate SOC.

In such a situation and considering the case study provided in the start, it might be suggested that select a level of security between the primary and intermediate initially. Don’t forget to get a professional consultation from Si Consult a leading cyber security and SOC service provider to make a better decision.

How To Use Threat Intelligence To Avoid Malware

The 21st century is recognised as the era of information. It is owing to the reason that information sharing has become extremely widespread and almost every industry is dependent on successful storage, retrieval, manipulation of data across the world. It has given rise to the concerns of data security.

Yes! Information security is one of the most critical requirements for information sharing. Without it, nothing is possible to be done with people’s data. Therefore, protection of cyber data has become a prime objective of all organisations regarding of their size and nature of the business.

As a result, cybersecurity has gone beyond just blocking the known viruses and threats.  The field has triggered much more development in order to make a comparison of access devices and networks to the next level of data protection.

Why Data Security Requires Intelligent Countermeasures?

It is the reason that threat intelligence is getting popularity over the past few years in giving a breath of relaxation. The technology enables the organisations to get aware of the malicious behaviours of the network users to adopt a pro-active approach towards unknown threats.

The concept is based on comparing and contrasting the network intended to be safeguarded against potential threats and malware to devise counter strategies. Therefore, data security is in dire need to get specified systems based on AI and machine learning to counter appropriate targets.

Of course, cyber protection requires much more than just blocking threats, but elimination and countering malicious behaviours of users is the top priority of security organisations. So, prevention of threats is critical, but the elimination of risks is crucial.

Tips to Combat Malware Using Intelligent Cyber Security Measures

Data security strategy of the organisations must be aligned with their resource allocation and distribution of data assets in order to make information protection strong.

It is imperative to note that any loophole in the security strategy can cause the exploitation of a huge amount of personal and organisational data. So, implementing a foolproof plan based on intelligent security analytics can help to beat threats successfully.

To trigger your mind, the report of Barkley “2017 Malware Trends Report,” points out that malware is becoming click-less as a trend of the modern day. Now, data is hacked without generating asking the users to click on a link or perform any activity. This trend is highly legitimate in terms of exploiting large data without making the information owners conscious.

The following tips can be highly useful to fight against malware and other related cyber-attacks using intelligent technology:

Keep Aware with emerging Malware Tactics and Trends

No doubt, various organisations keep their pace up to remain aware of emerging threats, malicious codes, and malware. Sometimes, it becomes extremely difficult to match the speed of malicious minds because malware is creating complexities of detection with every passing day.

So, instead of keeping an eye on already detected malware and viruses, it is better to stay aware of the trends and techniques used for data attacks. It is suggested to use threat intelligence in order to observe suspected behaviours.

It will help you to understand the intention and possible outcomes of malware activity. In this way, you can get familiar with the nature and objectives of the security threat. The comprehension of potential risks gives an edge to the organisations to stay prepared for combating security hacks.

Produce Collections Using Email

It is easy to figure out and track security threats using curated threat intelligence. The organisations are required to generate collections in order to streamline data security investigations to protect data used in marketing campaigns and related things.

It can be done in both ways, manually or automatically. Get the assistance from experts in order to stay ahead in managing information.

 Design a Personalized Watch list

One size fits all strategy has become obscure and is not going to work. It is owing to the reason that threats are growing highly complicated and smart in their areas of operations. Therefore, it is imperative to tailor a customised strategy based on organisational needs and requirements.

It is advised to design a customised list of areas to be watch and generate alerts. Security analytics can be implemented to get pertinent information related to data vulnerabilities in time.

Takes Away

To sum up, information security is critical for the survival of organisations. It is the reason that a huge amount of budget is alone allocated to secure data assets. However, it is not enough.

Remember! There is always room for improvements, so keep on exploring different ways to fight malware using cyber threat intelligence.



Why Is Cyber Security A Vital Concern For KSA?

Previously, more than 90% of Saudi revenues are the oil derived. But KSA has launched a robust and ambitious transformation plan under the leadership of crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

The purpose of this plan is to decrease the kingdom’s reliance on oil. The crown prince has laid ambitious plans to expand industries ranging from information technology to tourism and health care.

Thus, we see technology evolving here at a faster rate than ever before. With technological advancement comes the increasingly changing threat landscape.

Therefore, cyber security is an incredibly essential and widely debatable concept here.  It is vital for protecting personal, company and client’s data from malicious intents.

Without employing the right security procedures in place, you must wait for the time so that you become a victim of cybercrime. Fortunately, security consulting KSA offers you multiple options to keep your personal and business data secure.

Multiple reasons reinforce the stance that cyber security is a growing concern for the IT industry:

1) Cyber-attacks are on the rise

Cyber frequency is continuously on the rise. The threat landscape is evolving rapidly than ever before.

Therefore, it is crucial for the government and individual businesses to invest wholeheartedly in a security strategy. That involves prevention, detection, mitigation and response plan to cater to the evolving threats.

Only by employing these security means you can save your personal and professional data from threats and malicious cyber-criminals.

2) Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated

Cyber attacks today are becoming intricate than ever before. And also they are significantly more devastating in consequences.

Here, security consulting firms in KSA plays its vital role.

While the cyber threats will undoubtedly grow and become more costly, the IT industry must adopt appropriate security procedures to prevent loss of information and revenue.

3) Companies are at greater vulnerability

Although the security industry is also evolving to keep pace with the growing threats, the companies are at higher risk.

Advanced and convenient technologies support the notion that why companies must adopt appropriate safety measures. By acknowledging natural vulnerabilities brought by technological advancement, we can better prepare ourselves to avoid, deter and minimise these risks.

In worst cases, you must have a well thought out plan to set into motion so that you can potentially minimise the amount of damage brought to your networks in particular and company in general.

Final Words!

Simply put, why cyber security is vital in a setting like KSA that is gradually becoming technologically advanced is self-evident.

Considering this makes a strong case for security consulting KSA to devise a response plan as the security breaches are inevitable. In that way, you can not only prevent a cyber attack from occurring but also manages the impacts if it has already happened.

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How To Detect And Prevent Crypto Mining Malware

According to the latest survey regarding cyber threats, more than 93% of data breaches take a minute or less to compromise the integrity of the system. It means that the prevention of security threats have become extremely intricate. It is owing to the reason that detection of any danger which provides less than 100% visibility is targeting blind spots.

It is not limited to the hacking of credit cards and banks only; the threats have now started to target cryptocurrency. There are increasing reports of rapid cryptocurrency mining malware spreading through networks, computing devices and websites.

Cryptocurrency mining malware is referred to malicious software programs which are developed to take over the control of the victim’s computer in order to steal binary currency. The research data from the Kaspersky Lab reveals a surge in crypto-currency mining attacks during the years from 2013- onwards. In 2017 alone, more than 205,000 endpoints have been targeted indicating an increase of 1.65 million endpoints in the first half of the year.

Taking the grave situation into consideration, it has become imperative to ensure adequate security measures in place to detect and prevent malicious scripts running through the cryptocurrency accounts. Therefore, it is essential to implement active security strategies based on SIEM solutions to manage systems 24/7. Not only this, threat intelligence has become a valuable tool to detect and prevent malicious activities by recognising potential risks before actual incidents.

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware and Threat Intelliegence
Detect And Prevent Cryptocurrency Mining Malware


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