Threat Intelligence: A Wise Investment For Your Business

Every business, irrespective of the size, location or industry shares specific core objectives. Such as revenue generation, risk reduction, lowering costs, adherence to local and international regulations, and enhanced employees and client’s satisfaction.

Usually, it is considered that focusing your attention on information security issues negatively impacts your business objectives as threat intelligence incurs additional cost to your business both concerning money and time spent.

So, why should a business worry about its information security? And most importantly, why should they consider smaller subsets of information security. As it turns out, this knowledge will strategically guide your business to achieve your other business goals.

Why your business needs proactive security posture?

For organisations today, cyber criminality, hacktivists, state-sponsored threats and insider threats merge to form an unsafe threat landscape. These threats emphasise the importance of maintaining awareness by effectively employing security tools.

This field is not new in relation to cyber-security. It is helping firms to prioritise their actions about threat perception and analysis.

Over the recent years, firms have tried to introduce security analytics to their security system to monitor and protect against known malicious domains, blacklisted internet addresses and other potential threats.

1) It reduces the risk for your business

Your business adversaries or anyone with malicious intention and capability to create harm are continuously trying to discover new ways to infiltrate your firm’s networks. The knowledge to detect and manage threat gives visibility to such existing or emerging security concerns.

By applying this knowledge, you can minimise the risk of data loss, reduce potential disruption to your business functions and increase compliance with regulations.

As the common saying goes “failure to prepare is preparing to fail” and it seems more appropriate when we discuss cybersecurity and information technology concerns.

2) It prevents financial loss

Security breaches not only cost your firm regarding post-incident restoration and remediation, but they can also incur fines, lawsuits and investigations that will charge your business millions of dollars. When you use essential skills related to cyber security threats as part of your security tools to make informed and timely decisions, you are avoiding system downtime, preventing the threat of your business’ confidential data, saving your intellectual resources and protecting your firm’s reputation and customers from malicious intents of hackers.

3) Maximizes your staff’s efficiency

Threat intelligence makes your security team more efficient and less prone to suffer exhaustion form fatigue in incidents of alerts. Validating and correlating your intelligence strategy yourself is time-consuming and also resource intensive, so professional service providers who automatically generate and integrate this system to your firm’s security infrastructure will lower your security response times and assist your team to focus on other objectives thus, saving your business from additional security costs.

4) It is a wise investment for your firm

Besides freeing up your employees for other business objectives, when you get to know what threats are your most vital business concerns, you can accordingly assign additional investment in your system to address these critical concerns.

Aligning your internal intelligence with external intelligence is a remarkable achievement towards prioritising resources.

For instance, if you observed an increase in alerts from a particular geographical location of your office, you can rightly focus your investment on its solution.

5) Lowers your cost

Put it right, investing in an efficient intelligence system can ultimately reduce your cost and save your business from risks. An advanced defensive posture created by this knowledge helps to mitigate your organisation’s risks. It will lower your business’ response times.

With resources adequately allocated to critical issues, your business can achieve increased outputs in both human capital and financial domains.

Concluding Remarks

In the present digital economy, the grim reality that every firm must accept is that a security breach can occur at any time. Conventional security solutions are no longer enough to protect against new cyber-criminals who are infiltrating your business’ networks.

Firms must understand that a proactive security posture is essential. Thus, investing in security analytics is quickly becoming a requirement for your business.

Its remarkable advantages outweigh the drawbacks of its additional cost and time to your business functionalities in both the short-term and the long-term.


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