Cyber Threats Posed To the Middle East after the Rebirth Of Shamoon

Rebirth of Shamoon:

A computer virus can be so dangerous that it can flush away all your data and clean up all your disk spaces. One example of it is the newest and latest Shamoon virus which is reported to be active in Saudi Arabia. Its Shamoon’s rebirth! First it attacked Gulf and mainly KSA to espionage the energy sector in 2012. The attack was so severe that it infected and destroyed the data of 35000 computers only in Saudi Aramco.

Shamoon 2:

It is believed that the rebirth of Shamoon named as Shamoon 2 can be more vigorous now and it can destruct ten times more what it did in 2012. Already in the very initial stages it has started dismantling the networks of big governmental and private sectors.

Shamoon Virus

According to the labor ministry of KSA it has been attacked and a chemical firm named Sadara co. has experienced disruptions in the network.

Alerts in UAE:

Information security in Dubai has been under high alert of the rebirth of Shamoon and it is believed it would not limit itself to only KSA, in fact its devastations are likely to be felt in the whole Middle East and it can cripple many large government and private organizations in the UAE too.

Shamoon’s way of attack:

This latest virus is said to be more dangerous than it was in 2012. It attacked It wipes away all the data in the computer memory and fully takes the booting options of the computer under its control. This control of boot options stops the computers to be turned on again like they are absolutely dead.

Attack in November 2016:

In November 2016 Shamoon was reported to attack 6 major organizations in Saudi Arabia which included Saudi Aviation regulator.

Attack on certain area:

A large renowned firm Sadara Chemical Co. is apparently under the attack according to the officials of the company. Lot of other companies in the Jubail area which is known as the hub of petrochemical industry in KSA were under the attack and felt interruption in their networks.

A total of 15 governmental organizations were hit by this harmful malware only on Monday according to the national TV Ekhbariya. The number is expected to grow soon.

Threats so far:

So far the way Shamoon has done harms to the large organizations it can be expected to create havoc in the KSA. The threats of it can damage and sweep away all the data of large governmental and private organizations.

Solution so far:

A permanent solution to this latest malware is not found up till now. Those companies who are hit by this dodgy virus are seeking refuge from it by shutting their networks completely down.

According to major safety service provider:

A safeguarding company against malwares which examined the forensics of Shamoon in 2016 hinted that some weaknesses like the lack of C2 server made clear that Shamoon malware was used to destroy and wipe off the data.

Information security experts in Dubai have developed a mechanism to tackle this malware to avoid any serious consequences. These security professionals have made sure that all the governmental or private organizations are safeguarded against the treacherous, dodgy and harmful effects of Shamoon.


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