Are You Aware Of The Cyber Security Regulations In UK?

Cyber security is meant to protect personal and work related data stored in the computer and websites. With the increase of individuals, organizations and members of the community falling prey to cyber-crimes, there is an increase in demand for more measures to be taken.

The number of people getting affected by cyber security attacks is increasing. In 2006, a research conducted by Panda Software which says that 1 out of 5 e-mails are spam and 1 out of 20 is infected by malware.

Security attacks like these do not only cost individuals repairs, businesses and organizations could suffer losses. In 2005, cyber-crime led to a loss of whopping $130.1 million, all because of viruses, unauthorized access to computer systems and personal information theft.

Different steps have been taken by the UK Government to protect computer systems and other mediums of technology. For Example, managed security services UK are meant to hunt and detect complex threats. They search for unusual patterns of behavior to find unseen threats.

Cyber security regulations:

The main purpose of cyber security regulations is that private institutions and companies would be using or protecting their systems from any cyber-attacks i.e. viruses, worms, phishing, denial of service and any unauthorized access.

According to a survey, there are about 64% of small businesses that are getting cyber protection for their systems. There are about 72% of businesses expressed concerns about security of the company’s information.

In United Kingdom, there are cyber security regulations, for both federal and state governments. For federal government cyber security regulations, they focus mainly on specific industries and fields, healthcare, organizations, financial institutions and agencies that work with systems and information. This regulation does not reach and cover computer related industries like Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The Federal Government is also trying to resolve issues of cyber security breach by assigning more funds in research programs directed to research better solutions and recommendations for improving cyber security. The Government is now planning to collaborate with the members of the private sector.

States are forming their own methods of dealing with security attacks. Different states have followed the example and created their own anti- breach regulations and standard procedure.

There has been ongoing debate about cyber security regulation. There are people who comments that creating a regulation is not the answer and not enough, what is needed is better against hackers, viruses and similar threats. The regulation is said to restrict industries to develop programs and software that would boost cyber security. Apart from this, businesses also fears that having the regulation will cut back their healthy profits as they would meet more limitations and would cost them more.

Despite of regulations and software that could protect computers and systems, still the best way to increase cyber security is preventing any attacks from happening in the first place. The cyber security UK identify the true threats directed at oneself. The expert security analyst monitors 24×7 to deliver in depths analysis of vulnerabilities and threats.