Security Incident Detection & Response – SIEM Based Security Monitoring

Security Incident Detection and Response - SIEM Based Security Monitoring
Security Incident Detection and Response

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Carrying Out VAPT Testing Through Managed SIEM!


Organizations, especially those that rely on the online processes mainly are become aware with the passage of time. They are now realizing the critical need for safe and secure operations where they are not faced with threats like unauthorized access, data loss or compromised, hackers attacks and malicious activities.

The way out:

To fight such threats businesses are looking for managed solutions that are offered by professional third parties. Most of them have learned that in house support is not the right answer because it may not be possible to retain staff 24 hours on site, even in shifts because their knowledge may not be so high and these limitations may open the windows of opportunities for all those who may have unenthusiastic intentions to break into the networks of such firms.

Managed SIEM

The key role player:

Manage SIEM therefore is considered by many organizations. The biggest plus point associated with this approach is the 24/7 backup and support that is blessed with latest trends like real time and instant removals of such gaps and threats and keeping the sensitive information and data secure from being compromised.

The approach and tools:

Vulnerability assessment and penetration tests are used frequently by these specialist service providers who offer managed services. These two types of test are basically applied in order to highlight and fix the affected areas and spot even those areas that can play a major role in providing opportunity to those who may not be authorized to access the sensitive information of an organization and its clients.

VAPT Testing
VAPT Testing

VAPT testing has been the centre of attention for quite some time now due to its effective and spot on results. Clear and concise processes, accurate spotting of the weaker and vulnerable areas that may cause serious damage in the longer run to organization credibility and image.

These tests are carried out on regular intervals so as to ensure that the chances of break-ins are minimized and businesses are set free to flourish. Trust is among the core ingredients that help in retaining the stakeholders and their interest.


To ensure that the client business relationship is unaffected and flourishes at a constant pace, such tools are set in place and service providers that are backed with strong and reliable market image are hired by businesses in the modern era.

On the other hand, service providers also ensure that they are on top of all the required skills and to do so they carry out frequent coaching and training session so as to ensure that they are delivering solutions that are up to date and elite in nature.

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What Do SIEM Offer You As A Service?

The SIEM stands for “Security Information and Event Management”. It basically is a combination of SIM “Security Information Management” and SEM “Security Event Management”.  In this era of networking threats and vulnerabilities, the need of this service has just increased drastically.

Every network is at the stake of high risk as far as the networking threats are concerned. The malware, hackers and virus, all together form a very denser type of threat environment for the cause of any business network. That’s why, we feel need of the SIEM as a service for better and higher security.

How SIEM is effective?

The SIEM is really effective for the cause of the business firm’s security from the different vulnerabilities, which are causing huge problems from last few years. It provides the businesses the information security and the threat event management at a same time. That’s why, it’s quite effective for them.

Log Collection:

This system collects the log details of your whole network. So you can figure out easily from which connections, the vulnerabilities attack you and which are your weakest links.

Log Analysis:

The proper and right away log analysis provides you the threat potential of the different connections when they were interlinked with your network.

Application Log Monitoring:

When your employees connect to your business related different applications, it saves the log info about that connection in detail.

Real Time Alerts:

Whenever there is an alarming threat or risk figured out by the SIEM, it alarms you about it right away. The real time alerts and alarms save you from numerous huge problems.

User Activity Monitoring:

The activities performed by any employee are being monitored throughout by the SIEM system. There login times and their connections are being closely monitored all the time.


Through the dashboard, the admin can see the status of different connections, whereas the threat intensity associated with the different connections could also be seen.

File Integrity Monitoring:

The file and data, their sending, receiving and the changes done to them are also closely monitored and saved. This saves you from the loss of any kind of important data, whereas the high security is also kept intact.


In short, in the conclusion we can say that the SIEM as a service is really beneficial for the businesses to keep their business network secured from different vulnerabilities of this era. It is important to avail the SIEM service for the better protection of any business.

Any Security Lapse Will Eventually Collapse

The traffic on the network is directly related to the complexity. The level of threats is likely to enhance and the need for revisiting the compliance procedures becomes mandatory.

How efficiently the compliance procedures can be redesigned? Industry experts point out that there is urgent necessity to alter the course of the security framework.

Managed SIEM

The loopholes that pave way for security breach especially from different sale points must be plugged immediately. The need to investigate and appraise the relationship between different variables takes a whole new dimension.

This auditing procedure to investigate the security needs requisite a flexible system that can highlight what has been missing in the security link. The realization of this specific objective is rooted in the ability to expertly judge the insufficiencies.

The development of latest technological tools has increased the value paradigm of the security services that is generally not within the grasp of the enterprise. How watchful is your observation?

The ability to instantly address the alert needs expertise. The proficiency to set up priority based service mechanisms can intelligently identify the threat perception and speed up the efficiency of the security procedure.

Managed SIEM can incorporate the realistic security needs of the business to make secure transactions.

Trends indicate that the ability of an automated tool to offer customized solution is increasing by the minute. The rationale is straightforward.

There is everything to lose if enough dedication is not invested in designing the security framework for the network.

The security standards in relation to different business activities open up new prospects. Since every industry is highly reliant on technological convergence to accomplish the business activities it is essential to designed focused security services.

The compliance procedural requirements and the effective integration of the application are dependent on the value chain. It is significant to design a highly interactive capacity for the business operations.

The real time assessment of the events from network traffic is significant for designing viable security parameters. The support apparatus that has been enacted will be influential in generating powerful security control points.

Immense caution is necessitated in making a decision about the choice of customized security service. Every event and each incident must be properly, identified, evaluated and reported to document the varying scope of the security measures.

Managed SIEM can significantly provide the security leverage to the network to correlate its requirements and link it with the most viable security service mechanism.