The New Era Of Building Design, Operations And Security Requirements

It is rightly said by someone that, the customer is the driving force of any business and the success of any business entirely depends on the customer satisfaction. As the technology is progressing day by day, so is the demand by the clients. Modern building designs are almost digitized so is the security standards affiliated with such structures and the automated systems that are used to control them.

The new lifestyle has demanded the services that are new in nature. Starting from design to implementing and to maintain everything is changed and that demands the services of professionals, those which have the perfect capability to meet certain standards.

What does a modern building require?

In a country like Oman as the modern buildings are becoming more and more complex the need of professional ELV design consultant Oman is increasing drastically. In the modern buildings, the trend is moving towards automation and central controlling.

Most of the buildings require systems like audio-visual control systems, appliances control systems, data centre infrastructures, hotel systems, control rooms design, airport systems, integration management and security systems.

Not only the professionals for deploying and integrating such systems are required but also as the robust cyber-attacks are increasing the need of security consulting services are also in high demand.

ELV system requirements

The ELV system is the core requirement of the modern buildings. Every system from audio controls to shutter controls and air conditioning is becoming centralized and the special signaling through ELV systems is required which demands series of in-depth analysis by professionals.

Concept design

The process starts with a concept design. Which involves a professional ELV design consultant analyses the complete client requirements and suggests the feasible solution to the client that meets their requirement?

Schematic design

Once the concept design provided by the consultants is approved by the client, the next step is to create the technical schematic drawing which provides the layout of the entire system that is going to be deployed.

Detailed design

One the schematic designed is approved the next step is to produce a detailed design that includes all the desired documentation and commencing steps involved in the entire project.

Deployment and supervision

After all the necessary documentation is completed, now is the stage where the professional deploy the systems and supervise it until the project is completed.

Types of security services

There are basically three types of services that a well-reputed security consulting firm provides for robust security management and enhancements and those are managed security services, professional security services, and the compliance services.

Managed security services

In a managed security service a firm provides 24/7 service to monitor and protect clients devices as well as a network from cyber-attacks and malwares. These services include advanced behavioural analytics in which in time actions were taken to avoid high-risk future threats and attacks. Firewall management, malware protection service, security operation centres deployment for 24/7 protection, situational threat intelligence and vulnerability management services.

Professional security services

Professional services are mostly for the wide infrastructure organizations where the structure is first assessed and perfect services are deployed in order to maintain the perfect resilient network structure.

These services include digital forensics, firewall migration, responding to an abnormal incident, security network architectural review, penetration testing with ethical hacking into the currently deployed system, web application testing and business and continuity plans.

Professional services also help the organization in creating their own architectural design and project management for security operations centres. This includes deployment of the complete setup, process optimization and taking necessary measure in order to prevent the system from external threats.

In order to sum up the entire scenario, as the modern approaches in building design are getting more and more attention. The customer demand is also getting higher and higher especially in a country like Oman the automation and the security industry is touching the sky.

So there is a need to hire some professional that do specialize in providing the best, considering all the safety standard in front of them and to minimize the security loopholes that are being originated due to this technological advancement.


Right Approach To Hire An ELV Designer

The demand of the right and proper approach towards development is increasing day by day all across the world. The construction projects, whether they are small or the big one, all of them are totally focused now on the latest and advanced techniques. The reason behind this approach is to achieve long lasting benefits that couldn’t cause any problems in near or far future.

Every one for every kind of construction project needs assistance regarding the ELV system. Because it has become the common need all around. To provide a unified and separate electric-source to the systems like CCTV, telephone, Fire Alarms and many other systems that require less than 35V AC or 60V DC.

The right approach is to look forward to someone like ELV design consultant Qatar. Following are the ways they approach your ELV design, which certainly is the right solution to it.

Team Leader:

The team lead is really crucial in the whole scenario. He must be the one aware of all the latest and right technologies properly. So he knows whatever he is doing will pay off in the longer run. He must be capable of leading the team and providing the right ELV designs that actually benefits.

Network Engineer:

The network engineer is also an important part of the ELV designing team. He is crucial because he is the one who is going to design the ELV infrastructural design for your project. Without his assistance and help the things could never happen in your favor to provide you better and long lasting benefits.

Safety and Security Engineer:

The safety and security engineer is also a very key and vital resource of the ELV design team. This individual is necessary because he can look after the safety and security aspects of an ELV system that has been designed for a particular client. They mainly deal with the CCTV and Fire Alarm systems.

Audio Video Engineer:

To incorporate a better design regarding the Audio and Video solutions via proper and efficient ELV design, the Audio and Video engineer is also a necessary resource of the ELV design team.


In this era when every industry has moved on to an advanced level, the construction industry has also evolved in this regards. Huge building structures now give importance to the managed SOC and at the same time, a proper and efficient ELV design is also necessary for them. That’s why, it’s highly necessary to engage the right and a professional ELV designer team to take long lasting benefits of it.

Role Of Security Consulting Firm You Must Know

Reputable organizations mostly have their own experts to help them provide the required guidance for providing unbreakable safety measures. Unless one do not have their own experts, outsourced consultants are available to help you deal your security issues in a better way.

Hiring external specialists for security consultancy is a smart decision which is required for every organization. When organizations employee outsourced services for security consulting, they can beneficiate them in different ways. Common roles of outsourced service providers include:

Acts as a Resident Expert and Confidential Advisor:

The main purpose of hiring outsourced consultancy is acquiring personal safety expertise. One can confidentially talk to them regarding their business operations and necessities on a higher level.

Identify Risk Existence to People and Property:

No one can better understand your business operations more than yourself. When consultants are employed, they try to understand your business flow and identify risk factors both to your staff and the overall property and prevent them from those factors.

Qualifying The Exposure Level that You May Face:

Identified business related risks must be practiced from financial viewpoint which is the duty of experienced consultants. Risk mitigation strategies are performed once all of the risks are identified. They will know the consequences of week risk strategies and will provide alternate methods to overcome.

Existing System’s Evaluation for Suitability:

Evaluation of all of the existing operating systems is a key to observe suitability of the current environment. Experienced consultants will assess building access, the communication channels, emergency management system and CCTV along with alarm and access control system.

In the whole of such an evaluation, they will act as an ELV design consultant to perform a thorough review of enhanced control.

Best Solutions Recommendation:

In order to acquire better security, one must have a combination of different systems that will work together. Expert consultant is responsible for recommending services that can provide the best outcome for you and your business.

Budget Protection and Better Expenses Management:

Once expert advisors will understand the whole of your business operations, they will help you protect the whole of your bottom line. They will provide enhanced security measures to help their clients save money on constant maintenance.

Help You Provide What You Have Paid For:

Clients always look for innovations in technology to be adopted for enhanced security measures. The duty of an honest advisor is to provide those standards for which his client has employed him. They must maintain the required peace of mind of his client and avoid the availability of faulty products.