Effective Vulnerability Management Process

Organisations store and retrieve information every now and then. In this era of information, the security of data is the prime requirement of every individual. Therefore, organisations strive hard to keep the confidentiality and integrity of their data asset secure and strong.

Vulnerability is a feebleness of an asset or group of assets that is exploited by the threats. Vulnerability management is referred to the process of identification and elimination of weakness in the data assets which can be exploited by the data threats. It is done with the help of different process depending upon the management life-cycle of organisations.

Whatever the process of management is adopted by the organisation, it is imperative to understand that vulnerability identification is a must in any way. Without identification of vulnerabilities, it is not possible to handle data security.

Effective Vulnerability Management Process
Effective Vulnerability Management Process

8 Steps: How to Prepare for GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR) is considered a potential player of changing data security scenario globally. It has grave implications for public and private organizations. Organizations are required to implement GDPR compliance irrespective of their location. It is necessary for getting into business with EU citizens and companies.

The penalties and punishment in case of the data breach are very strict. It can cause a fine of thousands million pounds, euros or dollars. Therefore, companies need to re-think their strategies and already implemented data protection procedures.

Now, business organizations are left with only two options:

  • Consider GDPR as common as any other rule and ignore
  • Adopt a comprehensive approach to deal with GDPR

However, GDPR consulting institutions can assists organizations to adopt the best practices to meet the compliance the requirements. So, always base your security review according to the clauses of General Data Protection and Regulation. Further, devise a comprehensive checklist to accomplish before 25th May 2018.

Tips to get prepared for GDPR Compliance

GDPR is going to initiate the biggest change in the laws of data security for the next generations. Organizations should adopt a proactive approach to deal with emerging modifications. The following tips are supposed to help organizations largely:


Understand Important Clauses of the Law

A report on GDPR 2017 revealed that approximately 66% of total senior managers had got a proper briefing about clauses of General Data Protection and Regulation law. It shows a dismal situation because organizations are ignoring the importance of GDPR for their survival.

It has been observed that senior management of various organizations have bluntly stated that they are ready for GDPR without realizing their weaknesses.

It may cause a great threat to the businesses of the organization. Therefore, organizations must strive hard to get a proper understanding of crucial clauses of GDPR legal regulations.

Create a Workable Roadmap

After having a clear understanding of legal framework and regulation process of the GDPR, organizations must prepare themselves.

It is necessary to create a proper work plan to make organizational data security policies aligned with General Data Protection and Regulation.

Understand the Gravity of Data Security and devise a comprehensive roadmap to be followed for the integrity of data.

Ensure Proper Accountability

It is important to understand if the data acquired by the organization comes under the jurisdiction of GDPR. In order to do so, the proper study of respective GDPR clauses is crucial.

Not only this, the companies and public organizations must ensure proper procedures of accountability to ensure data safety.

Accountability is a must for proper safeguards of data and information held by the organizations. Therefore, a strategy to complete data process and retrieval accountability should be maintained by the organization at any cost.

Most of the mentioned facts are directly related to GDPR compliance. So, before taking any action, get adequate General Data Protection and Regulation counseling to ensure ultimate success.

Ensure Rights for Personal Privacy

The individuals or the data subjects have multifarious access rights regarding data and privacy protection. Therefore, companies must ensure the following:

  • The basic right to get informed of any data breach
  • The right to rectify false or illegal access of data
  • The right of restriction in case of portable data
  • The right of objection in case of data processing

Review your Private Policy

It is very imperative to understand that privacy to design databases helps to ensure compliance with GDPR. The protection of data within an organization can be done by reviewing the private policy of the company altogether.

There are many complications related to privacy policy consent under the GDPR. For instance, it is stated that children cannot be considered legally authorized to give consent for data privacy and access rights.

Therefore, organizations have to ensure proper system to eliminate the risks in order to improve security.

Appoint Data Security Officer

The appointment of a data protection officer has become a compulsion required by GDPR. Therefore, the organizations must comply with this requirement in order to do business with EU companies.

However, the data security policy of many organizations eliminates the need for security officers. However, it is suggested to hire professional security consulting firm with the sound understanding of data vulnerabilities and security insurance.

Summary – Take Away

By now, every organization around the world understands that they have to align their data security procedures with GDPR. However, it is important to understand the gravity of the matter.

Don’t get left behind owing to false illusions and distractions that General Data Protection and Regulation will not affect your company. Get an instant GDPR consulting to understand how to ensure GDPR compliance effectively!

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Top 3 Disastrous Data Breaches Of Recent Times

Hundreds of data breaches are taking place on a daily basis. Hackers are devising new strategies to break into your defenses and cause you serious damages. Because of the vital importance of data and information, counter strategies have been made to protect the data.

We install data security software programs and applications on our PCs to protect us from these costly breaches, but almost 80% of breaches remain undetected before their occurrence. Antivirus, firewalls, windows defenders and other systems stood guard against these threats, but all became vulnerable to these dangers. However, Software Intelligence Event Management (SIEM) provides better security by applying advanced security measures.

Different SIEM systems offer different service capabilities. A SIEM system can analyze millions of events per second. We can protect our data by using SIEM as a service.

Here are the disastrous data breaches that took place in the recent years


Yahoo was once a technology giant. In 2016, when Yahoo was negotiating with Verizon for selling its business, it announced the largest data breach of its history. It was reported that the breach compromised the data of more than 500 million users. The hackers had stolen the names, email addresses, phone numbers and other personal information.

Yahoo recently revised the estimate of loss and stated that the data of 3 billion users was compromised. Verizon bought the company for $4.48 billion, which was then worth more than $100 billion. The amount of loss inflicted by the data breach becomes approximately $95 billion.


eBay is one of the biggest online auction stores. In 2014, hackers broke into its system and stole the data of all 145 million users. The data involved names, passwords and email addresses.

The hackers entered the system by using the credentials of a few of its corporate employees. They remained in the system for 229 days and reached the database to steal all the information.

The company observed a decline in user activity after this breach. It is recommended to approach a competent information security consultant to avoid such losses.


One of the largest financial organizations dealing with credit cards has been recently hit by a cyber-attack, which resulted in the loss of personal information of more than 143 million users. The data involved social security numbers, names, passwords and other personal information. The credit card data of 2,090,000 consumers was also compromised in this attack.

The company was of the view that the breach took place because of an application vulnerability on one of their websites.

Cloud Security Services Is The Future Now!

Most of the businesses and services are now banking on the cloud servers. That’s because it enables them to efficiently manage things to increase the performance of their company. A cloud is always one of the far better options to store data, access it and extract it anytime without facing any sort of difficulties.

Talking about the security of the businesses. Well, that has become the most important matter of the present era. The vulnerabilities and the cyber threats have been making lives difficult for most of them. These attacks can drag a business from the heights of success to the bottom in no time. That’s why, the security services become really important to remain safe from the cyber-attacks.

For the purpose of better and efficient security the cloud security Services could be more vital. Following are some of the ways it can benefit different organizations. Without any doubt, it is also said to be the future of security services for modern day businesses.


It offers sheer flexibility to the organizations. They can upgrade their plans when it’s required to expand the bandwidth of the cloud security. The businesses might need to expand this way when it increases the volume of its services.

Data Security:

The data of the particular organization is kept safe with proper cloud-based protection. All the security breaches are kept out to ensure that a business could enjoy accessing their data 24 hours a day without any risk of getting harmed with cyber-attacks.

Regulatory Compliances:

An organization is provided with the type of security service that basically complies with its regulatory needs. They can also enhance their structure and infrastructure to meet with the needs of your industry’s regulatory compliances.

Improved Collaboration:

An industry can enjoy the facility of improved collaboration. As the data is stored online on a cloud-based server, so it acts like managed security services, where everything is monitored and kept secured of any vulnerabilities at the back-end server. So, without any restrictions the teams within the organization can collaborate without worrying about the data breaches and security attacks.

Availability and Support:

The support staff is always available to provide assistance to you, at the time when you need it. So, you can actually access your data anytime without worrying about its security with the added feature of getting in contact with the support staff when you are facing any difficulties.