Effective Vulnerability Management Process

Organisations store and retrieve information every now and then. In this era of information, the security of data is the prime requirement of every individual. Therefore, organisations strive hard to keep the confidentiality and integrity of their data asset secure and strong.

Vulnerability is a feebleness of an asset or group of assets that is exploited by the threats. Vulnerability management is referred to the process of identification and elimination of weakness in the data assets which can be exploited by the data threats. It is done with the help of different process depending upon the management life-cycle of organisations.

Whatever the process of management is adopted by the organisation, it is imperative to understand that vulnerability identification is a must in any way. Without identification of vulnerabilities, it is not possible to handle data security.

Effective Vulnerability Management Process
Effective Vulnerability Management Process

8 Steps: How to Prepare for GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR) is considered a potential player of changing data security scenario globally. It has grave implications for public and private organizations. Organizations are required to implement GDPR compliance irrespective of their location. It is necessary for getting into business with EU citizens and companies.

The penalties and punishment in case of the data breach are very strict. It can cause a fine of thousands million pounds, euros or dollars. Therefore, companies need to re-think their strategies and already implemented data protection procedures.

Now, business organizations are left with only two options:

  • Consider GDPR as common as any other rule and ignore
  • Adopt a comprehensive approach to deal with GDPR

However, GDPR consulting institutions can assists organizations to adopt the best practices to meet the compliance the requirements. So, always base your security review according to the clauses of General Data Protection and Regulation. Further, devise a comprehensive checklist to accomplish before 25th May 2018.

Tips to get prepared for GDPR Compliance

GDPR is going to initiate the biggest change in the laws of data security for the next generations. Organizations should adopt a proactive approach to deal with emerging modifications. The following tips are supposed to help organizations largely:


Understand Important Clauses of the Law

A report on GDPR 2017 revealed that approximately 66% of total senior managers had got a proper briefing about clauses of General Data Protection and Regulation law. It shows a dismal situation because organizations are ignoring the importance of GDPR for their survival.

It has been observed that senior management of various organizations have bluntly stated that they are ready for GDPR without realizing their weaknesses.

It may cause a great threat to the businesses of the organization. Therefore, organizations must strive hard to get a proper understanding of crucial clauses of GDPR legal regulations.

Create a Workable Roadmap

After having a clear understanding of legal framework and regulation process of the GDPR, organizations must prepare themselves.

It is necessary to create a proper work plan to make organizational data security policies aligned with General Data Protection and Regulation.

Understand the Gravity of Data Security and devise a comprehensive roadmap to be followed for the integrity of data.

Ensure Proper Accountability

It is important to understand if the data acquired by the organization comes under the jurisdiction of GDPR. In order to do so, the proper study of respective GDPR clauses is crucial.

Not only this, the companies and public organizations must ensure proper procedures of accountability to ensure data safety.

Accountability is a must for proper safeguards of data and information held by the organizations. Therefore, a strategy to complete data process and retrieval accountability should be maintained by the organization at any cost.

Most of the mentioned facts are directly related to GDPR compliance. So, before taking any action, get adequate General Data Protection and Regulation counseling to ensure ultimate success.

Ensure Rights for Personal Privacy

The individuals or the data subjects have multifarious access rights regarding data and privacy protection. Therefore, companies must ensure the following:

  • The basic right to get informed of any data breach
  • The right to rectify false or illegal access of data
  • The right of restriction in case of portable data
  • The right of objection in case of data processing

Review your Private Policy

It is very imperative to understand that privacy to design databases helps to ensure compliance with GDPR. The protection of data within an organization can be done by reviewing the private policy of the company altogether.

There are many complications related to privacy policy consent under the GDPR. For instance, it is stated that children cannot be considered legally authorized to give consent for data privacy and access rights.

Therefore, organizations have to ensure proper system to eliminate the risks in order to improve security.

Appoint Data Security Officer

The appointment of a data protection officer has become a compulsion required by GDPR. Therefore, the organizations must comply with this requirement in order to do business with EU companies.

However, the data security policy of many organizations eliminates the need for security officers. However, it is suggested to hire professional security consulting firm with the sound understanding of data vulnerabilities and security insurance.

Summary – Take Away

By now, every organization around the world understands that they have to align their data security procedures with GDPR. However, it is important to understand the gravity of the matter.

Don’t get left behind owing to false illusions and distractions that General Data Protection and Regulation will not affect your company. Get an instant GDPR consulting to understand how to ensure GDPR compliance effectively!

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Significance, Scope, And Requirements Of GDPR For SMEs

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is more likely to affect medium and smaller business companies owing to the fact that approximately 82 percent of SMEs are completely unaware of the term GDPR and its legislative propositions. Therefore, such companies are expected to hit high rates in fines after the enforcement of the law in 2018.

Significance of GDPR for SMEs

The general data protection regulation is aimed at replacing already existed data protection laws and regulations across Europe and will be a game changer for many organizations.  Further, no one should think that it is only a compliance problem because GDPR is going to impact all those private, public as well as non-profit organizations that process personal data of people who belong to EU or non-EU states.

Therefore, GDPR monitoring has become highly crucial for organizations as its law will be applied to all the organizations of the world. The companies have a trivial time period left for preparation until 25th May 2018.

GDPR Monitoring

Scope of GDPR for SMEs

EU has recognized the following through the GDPR:

  • The right to privacy as a universal right for humans
  • The right to safeguard personal information as a distinctive, impartial universal right

However, it is different to giving universal rights to human beings because these rights have been attached to the personal data of human beings. It means that human rights are different and rights given to privacy of a person are also universal rights. It makes general data protection regulation monitoring highly significant for every inhabitant of the planet Earth.

Requirements for SMEs

Therefore, in order to protect the universal rights of human privacy, EU has demanded data protection on the basis of EU-graded standards. Private and public organizations can simply consider their scope as if they fall under the jurisdiction of EU GDPR by answering only two questions as given:

  1. Is the organization operates in EU?
  2. Does the organization manipulate EU citizen’s data?

So, if the answer to any of the given questions is YES but you are pretty sure that existing data processing mechanism is aligned with provisions of GDPR then you should feel peace and enjoy business operations. On the other hand, if the answer is YES but you are not sure about the data processing mechanism; the organization must go for proper general data protection regulation monitoring as soon as possible.

A few steps will help to make your company align with GDPR:

  • Provide briefings to top authorities and senior management about its law
  • Devise a comprehensive strategy for it.
  • Consider all factors whether a GDRP monitoring officer is vital
  • Upgrade policies for data protection and governance
  • Analyze propositions of GDPR in detail
  • Review strategy for data management
  • Examine private policies of the organization in detail

Time For System Security DNA Check With VAPT Testing!


Let’s not go into the situation, types of hackers and attackers, trends. Let’s be realistic and get in the know of some breathtaking benefits that are associated with such tests which can make life easy for your interconnected network relying business today and in the future.

Why VAPT test?

They save you the day and rescue the situation for you well before you may have even sensed the threats. Let’s have a look at some of the core benefits associated with VAPT testing:

  • You can keep your data safe and secure far away from the reach of spammers and hackers.
  • All the associated risks can be eliminated with ease and well in advance.
  • All the weaker and vulnerable areas and links are identified with the help of such tests so that they can be resolved and capped in a timely manner.
  • Profits’ graph may rise as the chances of making mistakes would minimize.
  • Crashing of systems due to attacks that are focused on over burdening the servers will reduce with the help of amplified security measures.
  • VAPT tests enable one to look for loopholes in the entire system.
  • Relying on automated tools may not help the cause, as they may expire or be out of date. This may disable them to fight with the latest threats. VAPT is going to be your best bet always.

Legal frameworks globally are going through makeshifts already. Security is being treated as a core. The idea is to ensure that we are heading in the right directions be it from business perspective or personal, data security is important to every individual in the modern fragile conditions.

A good example here would be of General Data Protection Regulation, although this regulation will initiate and will be fully functional in the next months; however business owners are already hunting for expert GDPR consulting services and solution providers who can provide them with better understanding and insights associated with this regulation. Storing clients’ data on business systems and ensuring its security will be monitored further closely under this regulation which means that further responsibility will land on one’s shoulders as an entrepreneur.

Final words:

Be it testing or coping with regulations, to survive and move on with hands on lasting and fruitful results that are in line with the standards set by one, it would be ideal if one is backed with smart and professional support offered by expert security consultants rather than dealing with the situation all alone.

Dealing with such fragile and threatening situations all alone may limit one when it comes to carrying out a comprehensive DNA check of all the interconnected systems and networks that the business is relying on. A smart move today that is backed with professionalism may save one from going through unwanted situations tomorrow.