How Does Managed Security Services Work?

It is really important for the businesses to look for a proper solution to alleviate the pressure of threats. All around the world, the threats and the network braches had increased a great deal. And that has been causing huge problems and becoming a great reason behind the downfall of different businesses. To avoid the cyber security breaches which can cause a sudden downfall of a business, it is really important to go for services such as managed security services KSA.

The companies which provide such services are also known as MSSPs. A well-managed safety service is comprised of following services mentioned below.


A firewall offers you real-time monitoring of the business network. It monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic in a specific network. It avoids the connection of your network with unsecured sites.


The Security Information and Event Management provides you real-time reports and helps in detection of the threats. It also provides you the auditing, threats and real-time alerts about a vulnerability.

Managed Security Services KSA


The multiple authentication steps make your business network even more secured. The complex multiple authentication makes it impossible for the risks to pass by.

Updates and Patches

It keeps a company updated with the latest updates on daily basis. All the latest antivirus updates makes your network even safer from the risk of any threat attacks.

Email and Web Filter

The emails you receive and the websites you visit are filtered. All the spam and risky emails are moved to the junk and the unsecured websites are blocked to keep you safe from the effects of infected files.

Anti-Malware Protection

It is ensured that your data is kept safe from the theft and any unexpected loss. The daily malware updates make it possible to keep intact and updated about the new vulnerabilities.

Live Security Dashboard

Through live security dashboard, you are able to see the live analysis of your network. You can also keep interacting with you clients, and side by side to that, you can see live status and analysis of different activities happening throughout your network.

Rapid Response

In case of any emergency the quick response of the managed system makes it possible to deal with any possible risk on real-time without any delays.

That’s how, a managed security services KSA works. It keeps an eye on each and every activity happening in your business network. Whenever a threat is being detected, it is diagnosed right away.


Strengthen Your Network Using These 6 Strategies

Remember that hackers are becoming clever with each passing day so you think you are clever enough to tackle them. The answer is a yes if you apply all the security measures and fulfill the little things that may invite the risk, but if you don’t adhere to the latest safety measures that the answer is a big NO from your side whether you utter a word or not.

What are these steps that can strengthen your network against any kind of breaches and attacks from cyber criminals? Let’s discuss them

A holistic approach is needed:-

We all know important are the data and network for each other so a business should take steps to protect them both. Data is known as the currency of the digital world so if the currency is lost you are left with nothing. A security system design vital to protect the data and protection of network is necessary because the network moves the data.

Data Security

Risk assessment:-

Assess the risk factors to your data. Classify the data according to its importance in hierarchical manner if you are a bank, retailer. After analysing the data of the organization the safety managers then take into view who and why anyone needs access to the data and how are they going to secure data as it travels on the network from point to point. Assessment of risks is necessary in understanding how the resources can be allocated for network protection.

Monitoring of data traveling:-

A research by Ponemon Institute says that a lot of IT professionals are not aware of the fact that whether the organization has allowed clear text traffic while transmitting from host to host or are their controls in place which can inform them about the transferring of data from the third party.

Accountability for all:-

Accountable personnel should be questioned at every cost. If the leadership of an organization are not committed fully to safeguard the system and don’t understand the importance of latest measures to cope the dangers and risks from outside world, it will be very difficult to achieve the goals set by the organization.

Enforcement of policies:-

It is extremely important to know that all the employees are following the policies and rules because sometimes workers deliberately avoid and skip the policies. So it’s very important to make sure all the defense mechanisms are properly applied to detect the non compliance of the workers. Punishment should be decided for negligent and careless employees.

Incident response plan:-

A solid, valid, up to date, robust security system design should be implemented to keep all the bad intentions and bad guys of cyber world away from your network. Technology is made to serve you, so it’s important to get help from technology if there is any dander of facing serious breaches and threats from the outside cyber world.

Main Strategies And Key Features To Consider In The Migration Of Firewall

Hectic process:-

Migration and changing of packet filter has always been a hectic, tedious and time taking process. A successful migrating of packet filter has to have full visibility of network on the whole surface of attack. A constant monitoring is also required so that the vulnerabilities and policy violations which are introduced through configuration of settings and risky changes can also be checked.

Firewall Migration

Main strategies:-

There are 6 key strategies that can be implemented to reduce any risks involved and also make things easier for migrating to next generation of packet filters. These are as follows

  1. Normalization of all the data across packet filter types, providers and network devices
  2. Examination of packet filter for full visibility of network
  3. To optimize performance and security always cleanup the sets of rules
  4. For any kind of risk analysis conduct “what if” analysis
  5. Always go for more advanced features for the prevention of attacks
  6. Automation of packet filter management

For a successful firewall migration these six steps need to be learnt and implemented to make sure no risky changes need to be made or network configurations.

Features to look for when considering packet filter for enterprise:-

Here are few things that need to be looked upon when going for the next packet filter for the enterprise.

Firewall Migration

Keeping in mind continuous evolving of threat scenarios there is an essential need to move beyond the conventional model for packet filters and revisiting of security parameters is also necessary.

Keeping in mind all the threats:-

A large number of threats arise from the application based on web and services that penetrate the corporate networks. This clearly enforces the enterprises to consider all kinds of threats whether known or unknown in the selection of security platform for the enterprises network.

Blockage of emerging threats:-

The pace of deploying packet filters by service providers and enterprises is increasing to take the applications in control and also block all kind of emerging threats. Next generation packet filters are designed to by focusing on the needs of the enterprises, which include some advanced features like

  • Application level inspection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Granular policy control

When the stage of selecting a packet filter comes for the security of the enterprise’s system lot of times IT professionals struggle in right integration of granular security functions. This compromises the efficient working and effectiveness of the firewall migration. The continuity should be kept in learning key features which can be effective in choosing a packet filter for an enterprise in the modern times.

Are You Aware Of The Cyber Security Regulations In UK?

Cyber security is meant to protect personal and work related data stored in the computer and websites. With the increase of individuals, organizations and members of the community falling prey to cyber-crimes, there is an increase in demand for more measures to be taken.

The number of people getting affected by cyber security attacks is increasing. In 2006, a research conducted by Panda Software which says that 1 out of 5 e-mails are spam and 1 out of 20 is infected by malware.

Security attacks like these do not only cost individuals repairs, businesses and organizations could suffer losses. In 2005, cyber-crime led to a loss of whopping $130.1 million, all because of viruses, unauthorized access to computer systems and personal information theft.

Different steps have been taken by the UK Government to protect computer systems and other mediums of technology. For Example, managed security services UK are meant to hunt and detect complex threats. They search for unusual patterns of behavior to find unseen threats.

Cyber security regulations:

The main purpose of cyber security regulations is that private institutions and companies would be using or protecting their systems from any cyber-attacks i.e. viruses, worms, phishing, denial of service and any unauthorized access.

According to a survey, there are about 64% of small businesses that are getting cyber protection for their systems. There are about 72% of businesses expressed concerns about security of the company’s information.

In United Kingdom, there are cyber security regulations, for both federal and state governments. For federal government cyber security regulations, they focus mainly on specific industries and fields, healthcare, organizations, financial institutions and agencies that work with systems and information. This regulation does not reach and cover computer related industries like Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The Federal Government is also trying to resolve issues of cyber security breach by assigning more funds in research programs directed to research better solutions and recommendations for improving cyber security. The Government is now planning to collaborate with the members of the private sector.

States are forming their own methods of dealing with security attacks. Different states have followed the example and created their own anti- breach regulations and standard procedure.

There has been ongoing debate about cyber security regulation. There are people who comments that creating a regulation is not the answer and not enough, what is needed is better against hackers, viruses and similar threats. The regulation is said to restrict industries to develop programs and software that would boost cyber security. Apart from this, businesses also fears that having the regulation will cut back their healthy profits as they would meet more limitations and would cost them more.

Despite of regulations and software that could protect computers and systems, still the best way to increase cyber security is preventing any attacks from happening in the first place. The cyber security UK identify the true threats directed at oneself. The expert security analyst monitors 24×7 to deliver in depths analysis of vulnerabilities and threats.

Cyber Threats Posed To the Middle East after the Rebirth Of Shamoon

Rebirth of Shamoon:

A computer virus can be so dangerous that it can flush away all your data and clean up all your disk spaces. One example of it is the newest and latest Shamoon virus which is reported to be active in Saudi Arabia. Its Shamoon’s rebirth! First it attacked Gulf and mainly KSA to espionage the energy sector in 2012. The attack was so severe that it infected and destroyed the data of 35000 computers only in Saudi Aramco.

Shamoon 2:

It is believed that the rebirth of Shamoon named as Shamoon 2 can be more vigorous now and it can destruct ten times more what it did in 2012. Already in the very initial stages it has started dismantling the networks of big governmental and private sectors.

Shamoon Virus

According to the labor ministry of KSA it has been attacked and a chemical firm named Sadara co. has experienced disruptions in the network.

Alerts in UAE:

Information security Dubai has been under high alert of the rebirth of Shamoon and it is believed it would not limit itself to only KSA, in fact its devastations are likely to be felt in the whole Middle East and it can cripple many large government and private organizations in the UAE too.

Shamoon’s way of attack:

This latest virus is said to be more dangerous than it was in 2012. It attacked It wipes away all the data in the computer memory and fully takes the booting options of the computer under its control. This control of boot options stops the computers to be turned on again like they are absolutely dead.

Attack in November 2016:

In November 2016 Shamoon was reported to attack 6 major organizations in Saudi Arabia which included Saudi Aviation regulator.

Attack on certain area:

A large renowned firm Sadara Chemical Co. is apparently under the attack according to the officials of the company. Lot of other companies in the Jubail area which is known as the hub of petrochemical industry in KSA were under the attack and felt interruption in their networks.

A total of 15 governmental organizations were hit by this harmful malware only on Monday according to the national TV Ekhbariya. The number is expected to grow soon.

Threats so far:

So far the way Shamoon has done harms to the large organizations it can be expected to create havoc in the KSA. The threats of it can damage and sweep away all the data of large governmental and private organizations.

Solution so far:

A permanent solution to this latest malware is not found up till now. Those companies who are hit by this dodgy virus are seeking refuge from it by shutting their networks completely down.

According to major safety service provider:

A safeguarding company against malwares which examined the forensics of Shamoon in 2016 hinted that some weaknesses like the lack of C2 server made clear that Shamoon malware was used to destroy and wipe off the data.

Information security Dubai has developed a mechanism to tackle this malware to avoid any serious consequences. The IT professionals have made sure that all the governmental or private organizations are safeguarded against the treacherous, dodgy and harmful effects of Shamoon.

How Awareness In The Employees Can Save A Firm From Attacks?

Need of solid protection against cyber theft is necessary:-

No matter it’s a large company or a small one the danger of data and info loss is always inevitable. So it has to be made sure that the company has a solid defense system to counter any losses. As they say any company’s data assets and info are its security so to keep this currency safe a plan need to be deployed that acts as a shield against any malwares and threats.

Information Security Dubai

Firms in UAE are also vulnerable:-

Dubai is a city which houses to renowned companies from all over the world. These companies include IT firms, petroleum, telecom, agriculture and banking etc. All these organizations try to keep their data safe and apply required safety measure to safeguard it, but still the hackers can find a way if the measures taken are not up to the mark.

Awareness in employees:-

There is a need to make employees of a firm aware about ill practices on the workplace that also can cause leakage of information security Dubai. This program includes applying few important rules and regulations that include

Usage of personal computer at office or official equipment at home:-

One of the main reason of date theft is the when we merge our official lives to our personal or domestic lives. For example some employees don’t have their personal laptops so they use office laptop at their home for personal uses. Sometimes employees bring their personal laptop to office and connect it to the network and internet.

No backup or safety measures:-

 It is possible that the personal computer may not have strong defense mechanism and any breach in to his/her system can cost the organization a lot. Another example is workers use official email for personal use and may also use a phone for both personal and official needs. These can really turn out to be dangerous tactics.


Every organization has some noobs who pose threats to safety. People who are not aware of securing the data properly or don’t know about the latest trends of technology can pose serious threats to any organizations IT safety. Basically their lack of awareness can cause system breaches. A noob may have done his work but he may not have taken proper steps to secure the data or may have done any other carelessness which can cause an organization an easy target to hackers.

Disruption Cannot Be Entertained In Surveillance Activities


Technology has accentuated the need for continuous surveillance. This is now a major requirement for authorities around the world.

From police to deferral agencies and the security at airport and shopping malls, the close surveillance of the activities is a primary requirement. However, the system that is designed to offer bespoke solution is the foremost challenge.

Is your surveillance system up to the task?

Every surveillance methodology has a unique attribute about its existence and strives in the realization of specific objective. The command and control center from where every activity is monitored serves as the hub of the surveillance system.

CCTV Control Room Design

The demand for securing the prescribed parameters is growing at an astounding rate. Experts reveal that the surveillance requirement around the globe has risen by 49% percent.

This trend highlights the significance of designing high-quality foolproof surveillance systems that can precisely provide the required objective. The recognition of this phenomenon has opened up new services that strictly provide on-demand solutions.  

Customized outcome is mandatory:

Since customized outcome is the crux of this endeavor it is essential to design the operating environment that can maximize optimum performance. The aesthetics of the operating environment serve as the platform to maintain the quality of surveillance.

Different layouts that can make the best use of the resources can be integrated by the services of CCTV control room design.

The flexibility and scalability of the operating environment is an integral component of the design. The effective utilization of video, audio, cameras and personnel must be specially designed and integrated.

Design consideration would be useful:

A range of different cameras with varying monitoring capacity are enacted for monitoring purpose. The connectivity between the different operating stations must be judiciously established.

The different hierarchies designed to enhance the quality of secure surveillance must be adopted at each level of monitoring. This is critically important since every workstation has a specified role to play.

Some cameras are precisely placed to monitor human activity. Others are designated to monitor the movement of objects.

The stream of information generated from the surveillance activity must be comprehensive. The ultimate perfect combination of different variables must suit with the instant needs of the system.

You need to outline your surveillance needs and look for the right estimate. Whether analog or digital camera would be better for surveillance must be ascertained.

CCTV control room design can provide cost effective monitoring solutions.