The New Era Of Building Design, Operations And Security Requirements

It is rightly said by someone that, the customer is the driving force of any business and the success of any business entirely depends on the customer satisfaction. As the technology is progressing day by day, so is the demand by the clients. Modern building designs are almost digitized so is the security standards affiliated with such structures and the automated systems that are used to control them.

The new lifestyle has demanded the services that are new in nature. Starting from design to implementing and to maintain everything is changed and that demands the services of professionals, those which have the perfect capability to meet certain standards.

What does a modern building require?

In a country like Oman as the modern buildings are becoming more and more complex the need of professional ELV design consultant Oman is increasing drastically. In the modern buildings, the trend is moving towards automation and central controlling. Most of the buildings require systems like audio-visual control systems, appliances control systems, data centre infrastructures, hotel systems, control rooms design, airport systems, integration management and security systems. Not only the professionals for deploying and integrating such systems are required but also as the robust cyber-attacks are increasing the need of security consulting services are also in high demand.

ELV design requirements

The ELV system is the core requirement of the modern buildings. Every system from audio controls to shutter controls and air conditioning is becoming centralized and the special signaling through ELV systems is required which demands series of in-depth analysis by professionals.

Concept design

The process starts with a concept design. Which involves a professional ELV design consultant analyses the complete client requirements and suggests the feasible solution to the client that meets their requirement?

Schematic design

Once the concept design provided by the consultants is approved by the client, the next step is to create the technical schematic drawing which provides the layout of the entire system that is going to be deployed.

Detailed design

One the schematic designed is approved the next step is to produce a detailed design that includes all the desired documentation and commencing steps involved in the entire project.

Deployment and supervision

After all the necessary documentation is completed, now is the stage where the professional deploy the systems and supervise it until the project is completed.

Types of security services

There are basically three types of services that a well-reputed security consulting firm provides for robust security management and enhancements and those are managed security services, professional security services, and the compliance services.

Managed security services

In a managed security service a firm provides 24/7 service to monitor and protect clients devices as well as a network from cyber-attacks and malwares. These services include advanced behavioural analytics in which in time actions were taken to avoid high-risk future threats and attacks. Firewall management, malware protection service, security operation centres deployment for 24/7 protection, situational threat intelligence and vulnerability management services.

Professional security services

Professional services are mostly for the wide infrastructure organizations where the structure is first assessed and perfect services are deployed in order to maintain the perfect resilient network structure.

These services include digital forensics, firewall migration, responding to an abnormal incident, security network architectural review, penetration testing with ethical hacking into the currently deployed system, web application testing and business and continuity plans.

Professional services also help the organization in creating their own architectural design and project management for security operations centres. This includes deployment of the complete setup, process optimization and taking necessary measure in order to prevent the system from external threats.

In order to sum up the entire scenario, as the modern approaches in building design are getting more and more attention. The customer demand is also getting higher and higher especially in a country like Oman the automation and the security industry is touching the sky. So there is a need to hire some professional that do specialize in providing the best, considering all the safety standard in front of them and to minimize the security loopholes that are being originated due to this technological advancement.


Top 3 Disastrous Data Breaches Of Recent Times

Hundreds of data breaches are taking place on a daily basis. Hackers are devising new strategies to break into your defenses and cause you serious damages. Because of the vital importance of data and information, counter strategies have been made to protect the data.

We install data security software programs and applications on our PCs to protect us from these costly breaches, but almost 80% of breaches remain undetected before their occurrence. Antivirus, firewalls, windows defenders and other systems stood guard against these threats, but all became vulnerable to these dangers. However, Software Intelligence Event Management (SIEM) provides better security by applying advanced security measures.

Different SIEM systems offer different service capabilities. A SIEM system can analyze millions of events per second. We can protect our data by using SIEM as a service.

Here are the disastrous data breaches that took place in the recent years


Yahoo was once a technology giant. In 2016, when Yahoo was negotiating with Verizon for selling its business, it announced the largest data breach of its history. It was reported that the breach compromised the data of more than 500 million users. The hackers had stolen the names, email addresses, phone numbers and other personal information.

Yahoo recently revised the estimate of loss and stated that the data of 3 billion users was compromised. Verizon bought the company for $4.48 billion, which was then worth more than $100 billion. The amount of loss inflicted by the data breach becomes approximately $95 billion.


eBay is one of the biggest online auction stores. In 2014, hackers broke into its system and stole the data of all 145 million users. The data involved names, passwords and email addresses.

The hackers entered the system by using the credentials of a few of its corporate employees. They remained in the system for 229 days and reached the database to steal all the information.

The company observed a decline in user activity after this breach. It is recommended to approach a competent information security consultant to avoid such losses.


One of the largest financial organizations dealing with credit cards has been recently hit by a cyber-attack, which resulted in the loss of personal information of more than 143 million users. The data involved social security numbers, names, passwords and other personal information. The credit card data of 2,090,000 consumers was also compromised in this attack.

The company was of the view that the breach took place because of an application vulnerability on one of their websites.

What Risks Do Cyber Security Threats Pose To The UAE’s Oil Industry?

It is a well-known fact that the oil industry is the backbone of the UAE’s economy. In fact, considering that the UAE has signed a pact to constrain oil production, the country had to lower its crude oil out for the sake of compliance. Presently though, the country’s oil industry is unprotected against new cyber security risks. This necessitates professional and thorough security threat and risk assessment within local oil businesses. Like other Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the UAE is highly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Oil companies in the UAE are not even properly aware of the potential cyber security risks that pose a threat to them.

How Severe Is The Threat?

The severity of the threat that a cyber security risk may pose to an oil company may vary, depending on the goals of the culprit. For instance, a cyber attack may result in the leaking of critical, top-secret information. Culprits behind a cyber-attack on an oil company may even sabotage its operation.

Where Does The Vulnerability Lie?

Worms, a malware computer program capable of multiplying, have been specifically designed to target the data acquisition, logic and supervisory control programs that are currently in use within oil companies. Back in 2010, several gas and oil companies in Iran fell victim to the Stuxnet virus, even though they were not the intended the targets. This was an eye-opener.

Where Does The Vulnerability Lie?

Oil companies can actually increase their vulnerability to cyber attacks even just by using common enterprise applications. This is because oil companies use various integration technologies to integrate these applications with their plant infrastructure, connecting them with a wide range of devices within the plant. If the connections between them are unsecured, cyber attackers can take advantage of them.

What Is The Worst That Could Happen?

  • In petroleum companies, the systems that manage tank information and gauge the tanks are interconnected. Some are even indirectly involved in the control of tank filling. Cyber-criminals can hack into these systems, altering critical values, such as an oil tank’s maximum filling limit, which could lead to disastrous consequences like an explosion.
  • Using a malicious, remotely operated computer program, a cyber criminal may alter a petroleum company’s critical oil stock information. In such a scenario, a company may realize that its oil stock has depleted and it may not be able to provide oil to its customers, resulting in the company being deemed fraudulent and suffering drastic losses.
  • As mentioned, cyber criminals can easily sabotage the equipment at a petroleum plant since they are connected to enterprise and other such applications, especially if the connections are unsecured. This way, they can remotely tamper with critical equipment measurements related to pressure and temperature, which could lead to equipment malfunction, resulting in the wastage of valuable financial resources and time.


The solution to such cyber-security threats may sound rather commonplace and ordinary, but oil companies in the UAE can simplify matters just by hiring a managed security services UK-based firms. When it comes to cyber security vulnerabilities, the entire critical infrastructure of an oil company, and the UAE’s oil industry at large, depends on being protected from such threats. Considering everything that can potentially happen if a cyber-criminal hacks through, it is not worth taking the risk by not deploying some sort of a security operation.

Significance, Scope, And Requirements Of GDPR For SMEs

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is more likely to affect medium and smaller business companies owing to the fact that approximately 82 percent of SMEs are completely unaware of the term GDPR and its legislative propositions. Therefore, such companies are expected to hit high rates in fines after the enforcement of the law in 2018.

Significance of GDPR for SMEs

The general data protection regulation is aimed at replacing already existed data protection laws and regulations across Europe and will be a game changer for many organizations.  Further, no one should think that it is only a compliance problem because GDPR is going to impact all those private, public as well as non-profit organizations that process personal data of people who belong to EU or non-EU states.

Therefore, GDPR monitoring has become highly crucial for organizations as its law will be applied to all the organizations of the world. The companies have a trivial time period left for preparation until 25th May 2018.

GDPR Monitoring

Scope of GDPR for SMEs

EU has recognized the following through the GDPR:

  • The right to privacy as a universal right for humans
  • The right to safeguard personal information as a distinctive, impartial universal right

However, it is different to giving universal rights to human beings because these rights have been attached to the personal data of human beings. It means that human rights are different and rights given to privacy of a person are also universal rights. It makes general data protection regulation monitoring highly significant for every inhabitant of the planet Earth.

Requirements for SMEs

Therefore, in order to protect the universal rights of human privacy, EU has demanded data protection on the basis of EU-graded standards. Private and public organizations can simply consider their scope as if they fall under the jurisdiction of EU GDPR by answering only two questions as given:

  1. Is the organization operates in EU?
  2. Does the organization manipulate EU citizen’s data?

So, if the answer to any of the given questions is YES but you are pretty sure that existing data processing mechanism is aligned with provisions of GDPR then you should feel peace and enjoy business operations. On the other hand, if the answer is YES but you are not sure about the data processing mechanism; the organization must go for proper general data protection regulation monitoring as soon as possible.

A few steps will help to make your company align with GDPR:

  • Provide briefings to top authorities and senior management about its law
  • Devise a comprehensive strategy for it.
  • Consider all factors whether a GDRP monitoring officer is vital
  • Upgrade policies for data protection and governance
  • Analyze propositions of GDPR in detail
  • Review strategy for data management
  • Examine private policies of the organization in detail

How To Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks?

It is necessary for you to take cyber security seriously because it can leave you in trouble without even getting noticed. All around the world, businesses and technology experts have been busy in talking about it because it is such an issue which is troubling thousands of organizations. In short, it is the matter to be taken so much seriously regardless if you are a small, medium-sized or a huge organization.

Bank robbery, data compromising and hacking all these things are actually the main issues. And cyber-attacks are the reasons why these all are happening around the world on daily basis. To keep your firm safe from these attacks, the London SOC could be the right choice. Following are some of the main cyber-threats of the present era.


The hacking is something we all are well aware about, even the small children knows what it is. This cyber-attack penalizes the business completely. It can bring financial loss, as well as data corruption and stealing.


These are small hazardous files that arrive with the data transferred from an unknown online store, USB or other data traveler. It slowly starts corrupting all the data to leave you with nothing.


The mostly enter your network from online sources. They also infect your data by either changing their format or locking them with some kind of unknown malicious security keys.

How to avoid Cyber Attacks?

The best way to avoid the cyber-attacks is via regular Security Threat and Risk Assessment. In the market there are a lot of 3rd party network information security consultant and service providers. Apart from that, following are some of the precautions which could also save us from these devastating cyber-attacks.

Providing Personal Information:

When you are providing the personal information or credentials to someone, make sure you don’t provide it in the form of text message or on email.

Keep the Anti viruses Updated:

You must keep all your anti viruses updated all the time. Never ever turn off the updates, otherwise it is going to be a problem for you when some new malware will attack.

Keep Strong Passwords:

It is highly recommended to keep your passwords really strong. Add special characters and those words that are actually really hard to guess.

Spy Through An iPhone

The stunning features of an iPhone device attract customers from all over the world. Friends boast the faster processing speeds, the seamless functionality and the dynamic layout of applications of an iPhone device in the face of an Android mobile user. It could come to a surprise to these avid Apple product users and fans that loopholes in the operating system of the iPhone devices enable certain applications to spy on its users.

The irony of the matter is that the user when spied on is never prompted or indicated in any way. The application can turn on the camera by itself without letting the user know that it is accessing the phone’s camera and take photos, videos and much more. Managed Security Services Dubai and Sharjah are scrambling to provide protection to their high-value customers from this new threat.

This alarming new threat to iPhone users was only recently discovered by a security expert named Felix Krause, last week on Wednesday. Felix is also an entrepreneur and an ethical hacker. On his website, he proved to the world by making an iOS application that could without any hint take photographs of the phone user.

The iPhone has been known for the security and privacy it ensures for its users. To protect the iPhone user, an application has to be scrutinized by Apple to be made available on the Apple Store. Regrettably, the application that Krause constructed fulfilled all standards Apple enforces on every application it makes available for download on its Apple Store. Yet, Krause’s application could infringe a user’s privacy. However, cloud security services protect the user’s information that has already left the iPhone and stored in a protected server.

Krause explained that the exploitation of this loophole is not because of a weakness of software designs or Apple’s own security benchmarks, but in the blanket approve all applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook require to use the phone’s camera.

A malicious application can exploit this expansive approval to access the camera of the phone and;

  • Access both the front and back of the phone’s camera
  • Make a video of the user anytime while the application is running in the background
  • Take pictures and video without the approval or prompting the user
  • Live stream a video from the iPhone of the unsuspecting user
  • Run real-time face recognition software to recognize and detect the user and the people sharing the device or an in the proximity of the camera
  • Based on the images collected the application can reveal the location of the user
  • Build a 3D image of the user’s face
  • Cause a great deal of embarrassment to the user (let your imagination run wild – seriously)

Krause suggested that Apple should give only temporary approval to an application to access its cameras and microphones, and revoke that approval after a specific time.

He also suggested that until considerable measures are taken users should cover their cameras with sticky tapes like Facebook founder Mark Zukkerberg and Former CIA director James Commey.

Right Approach To Hire An ELV Designer

The demand of the right and proper approach towards development is increasing day by day all across the world. The construction projects, whether they are small or the big one, all of them are totally focused now on the latest and advanced techniques. The reason behind this approach is to achieve long lasting benefits that couldn’t cause any problems in near or far future.

Every one for every kind of construction project needs assistance regarding the ELV design. Because it has become the common need all around. To provide a unified and separate electric-source to the systems like CCTV, telephone, Fire Alarms and many other systems that require less than 35V AC or 60V DC. The right approach is to look forward to someone like ELV design consultant Qatar. Following are the ways they approach your ELV design, which certainly is the right solution to it.

Team Leader:

The team lead is really crucial in the whole scenario. He must be the one aware of all the latest and right technologies properly. So he knows whatever he is doing will pay off in the longer run. He must be capable of leading the team and providing the right ELV designs that actually benefits.

Network Engineer:

The network engineer is also an important part of the ELV designing team. He is crucial because he is the one who is going to design the ELV infrastructural design for your project. Without his assistance and help the things could never happen in your favor to provide you better and long lasting benefits.

Safety and Security Engineer:

The safety and security engineer is also a very key and vital resource of the ELV design team. This individual is necessary because he can look after the safety and security aspects of an ELV design that has been designed for a particular client. They mainly deal with the CCTV and Fire Alarm systems.

Audio Video Engineer:

To incorporate a better design regarding the Audio and Video solutions via proper and efficient ELV design, the Audio and Video engineer is also a necessary resource of the ELV design team.


In this era when every industry has moved on to an advanced level, the construction industry has also evolved in this regards. Huge building structures now give importance to the managed SOC and at the same time, a proper and efficient ELV design is also necessary for them. That’s why, it’s highly necessary to engage the right and a professional ELV designer team to take long lasting benefits of it.